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Indepth analysis of multi-axis automatic drilling and tapping machine

Edit:Quanzhou CBC Group CorporationUpDate:May 14, 2018

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Multi-axis automatic tapping machine is a special machine tailor-made for customers to process workpieces. According to customer processing technology, it can be equipped with active power head or tapping power head. To solve the problem of a multi-faceted machining of a workpiece in the active machining industry, multi-axis active tapping machines save time and efficiency for processing, and it is highly efficient for the company to reduce the cost of the active add-on. It is widely used in workpieces requiring multi-axis active and tapping work.

The multi-axis automatic tapping machine adopts hydraulic active feed. The spindle system adopts the same principle as the power head. The oil pressure directly advances the spindle to move up and down. The multi-axis automatic tapping machine passes the traditional hydraulic bench drill. The direct thrust of the oil cylinder has a large transmission torque and precise transmission. The equipment has fast-forward, work-in and retreat, and the speed of work can be stepless. The oil pressure system adopts Taiwan's brand variable variable vane pump, which has stable operation, low noise, and low temperature rise. Cutting fluid is actively supplied during processing.


Automatic tapping machine spindle is the reference for clamping the workpiece or tool, and transmits the motion and power to the workpiece or tool. The spindle reverse error will directly affect the precision of the processed workpiece. Multi-axis automatic tapping machine spindle reversal error refers to the variation of the actual reversal axis of the spindle at each instant with respect to its uniform reversal axis. It can be decomposed into three basic forms: radial circular runout, axial runout and view point swing.


The main reasons for the occurrence of spindle radial reversal errors in the multi-axis automatic tapping machine are: coaxial misalignment of several shafts of the spindle, various errors in the bearing itself, errors in the coaxiality between the bearings, and the spindle winding degree. However, their influence on the accuracy of the spindle radial reversal is not the same as the processing method. Tapping machine selected Dongguan Yingrong, quality centering quality assurance.

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