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  • Adult Incontinence Diaper Machinery

    Adult Incontinence Diaper Machinery

    Adult Diaper Machine With Following Features 1. It can produce three sizes ( L,M,S ) of adult diaper by exchanging cutting tool. 2. The high speed teeth-like crusher (with insulative cover) can take treated and untreated pulp. 3. Web-wheel in large diameter lay out the...

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  • Adult Diaper Production Line

    Adult Diaper Production Line

    Full Servo Automatic Adult Diaper Production Line With Following Features 1. Automatically inspect device, automatically eliminate waste device; 2. Touch screen control to realize man-machine conversation; 3. Tooth Hammer crushing mechanism; 4. Double drum forming device; 5....

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  • Adult Diaper Making Machine

    Adult Diaper Making Machine

    Adult Diaper Machine Features 1. Touch screen adopted for man-machine conversation; 2. Servo motor adopted for adult diaper machine drive & PLC control; 3. Cell mill; 4. Drum forming; 5. SAP automatic quantitative applied; 6. Active unwinding, constant tension control and...

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